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This is a freelance project I completed for Elliott Architects prior to starting work for them. In a way this work got me the job I currently enjoy, a job offer I wasn’t expecting, an offer I didn’t ask for, but one I am glad I took.


This work is about the loss of sovereignty of the Taranaki Maori and the hard work by many that has begun a new journey of self-discovery for all of us.


The conceptual ideas in this work are currently being built and I have ended up gaining valuable experience managing the contract. Thank you Elliott Architects.

Climbing the mountain

The final two Wharenui I designed for my final year thesis project. I was continuing my search for something different, something that would inspire me towards a new way of thinking about architecture, a new way of thinking about the world, a new way of seeing my own creativity.


Did I find it? I’m not sure. It was a difficult year on many fronts, a year of change, a year of learning, a year of growth.


For now I continue my search.

Wharenui - the simplicity of light & the shadow of complexity

The first of the 3 Wharenui I designed in my final year thesis project. This was a literal exploration of the Maori creation myth.


The growth of the darkness from the void.

The creation of Ranginui, Papatuanuku.

The bodily separation of the mother and the father by their children.

The birth of the world of light.


Located at my childhood marae - Paraihaka.

Wharenui - stepping into the past

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