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A commissioned painting continuing my exploration of lines in space and time. The red reflects the floor colouring of the space it is hung in. The colour grows up and through the space between the boards before moving off through 4 dimensional space. 


I’m quite proud of this work.


Medium: Acrylic on Board (2/1200x600mm Boards)


Status: Paid Commission

Red Dawn

These two paintings were created for the 2015 Taranaki Art Awards. They are my first entry into to any organised art award and it was a great experience to see them displayed amongst so many great works.


These two paintings represent my interpretation of the Maori myth of creation, the beginning of all things.


The white painting is titled “Ko to Kore Te Po - From the Void the Darkness”.

Medium: Acrylic on board. Status: Available


The black painting is titled “Te Ao Marama – The World of Light”. 

Medium: Acrylic on board. Status: SOLD

Ko te Kore Te Po, Te Ao Marama

The first of the works exploring the depth contained in simple lines. This one envisioning waves of light moving in 4 dimension. I find myself becoming lost in this painting if I stare at it for too long.


Medium: Acrylic on Board. Status: Artist’s Collection

Primary Waves

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