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I carried out the logo and webdesign for my families business By Arrangement Florist in New Plymouth. We wanted a simple & elegant solution that would be easily recognised. The website incorperates a full online sales platform and can be edited and changed with little computer knowledge. Perfect for anyone who dosent want to continuously pay webdevelopers to keep their site up to date, and dosent have the time to learn complex web programs!


Check it out and by some flowers!

by arrangement florist

The Betweenspace brand and subsequent web design are based around my exploration into science and philosophy. I have long wondered what it would be like to witness the beginning of the universe, the moment that time & space came into existence (if indeed that is what happened!). It’s not an uncommon phrase and hence not the most original for a business name, but it does mean something to me and communicates my intentions to explore ideas to their very foundations.

betweenspace logo & website

Not sure whether this should be in the design section or the art section..... but I need something in here!

Pattern of Life

betweenspace design

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